You Are Not Steven Spielberg – Ready Player One Review

Now that I have your attention, vote for Bart! So, I recorded a whole video review of Ready Player One, and before finishing it saw the movie a second time and realized I really needed to rework it. Not necessarily because I changed my mind on whether I liked it, but because I feel like […]

Our Japan Videos, and my best of 2017

The holiday season of 2017 was a whirlwind, not just because of work, but because our Japan trip finally happened. After the biggest typhoon in 20 years hitting Tokyo as we were scheduled to land, Dylan and I finally rescheduled and had the international trip of a lifetime, or at least of our lives so […]

Our Super Japan Adventure 2017

My brother and I embarked on our first ever international trip: destination Japan. We’re lucky and blessed to have had the time we did here and saw lots of things we expected to, and many surprises that we didn’t. Please enjoy living the trip vicariously through this gallery. All photos were either taken on my […]

Tribeca Film Festival 2017: Red Carpet Content!

We went back to Tribeca Film Festival this year and I had to get a bit more creative with the amount of content and scenarios we had. So far, as of this writing, our best performing video of the bunch is one with Eliza Taylor (most known for The 100 on CW) for the film […]

PAX East 2017!

We went back to PAX this year, and I had an actual team with me and much superior audio recording equipment than an iPhone. It was a hell of a week editing all of these following pax after a normal job in between it all, but this is probably the most efficient turnaround time on […]

Evan’s Best Performing Reviews

Video Game Reviews The Last Guardian (Dec 2016) “By way of Ueda’s minimalist style, the game creates puzzles out of its environment with stray objects, clever building and ruins structure, and Trico’s behavior. Very little guidance apart from a booming voice of a narrator when the player becomes lost, and where a lot of players […]

Evan’s Most Viewed Videos

It’s that time of year where I start evaluating my previously created content. I’ve attempted to edit videos for quite some time now, and I’m going way back to when camcorders were stuck in this middle ground of burning video content onto MiniDVDs. I kind of broke new ground when I discovered the concept of […]


As the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival came to a close yesterday on the 24th, I wanted to make sure I archived some nice photos that came from my Canon Rebel T6i on the trip. So here’s myself and Ally and our friends as we troll around New York doing screenings and red carpets covering the […]

“I Love You George Miller” – How Evan Fell in Love With ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

  My name is Evan. My world is film. And WordPress blogs. Every year, countless, massive, over the top action films flood our theaters, and we as writers… Web, print, tweeting, whatever… We’re the ones who stand before the masses wondering what piece of hot garbage flick they’ll spend 12 bucks a head on for […]