Evan’s Best Performing Reviews

Video Game Reviews

The Last Guardian (Dec 2016)

“By way of Ueda’s minimalist style, the game creates puzzles out of its environment with stray objects, clever building and ruins structure, and Trico’s behavior. Very little guidance apart from a booming voice of a narrator when the player becomes lost, and where a lot of players may find themselves frustrated with the game’s physics engine and the control scheme of The Boy (which is the same as in Ico and Colossus), it is important to realize that The Last Guardian asks for the player’s patience. “

Undertale (Nov 2015)

“I don’t think it is by coincidence for a game that is all about the power of human soul to turn out the way this did. I feel that if made by other people, or a large crew, Undertale would be an entirely different game. It is quite literally the soul of Toby Fox and his company that makes Undertale the experience that it is: in its art, in its humor and in its message. This is the kind of game that exemplifies the creativity of individuals and what kind of change that creativity can bring to any industry.”

Film Reviews

Kong Skull Island (Mar 2017)

“My issue with this is simply that B-movie camp can work if you have something else to work with in contrast, or if the visual marvel in effects is particularly unlike anything you’d seen before, ala Ray Harryhausen’s special effects work back in the day. But Kong Skull Island presents characters that are, while some fun to watch, speak and act with the intelligence of 3rd graders, with no plot direction other than escaping from a backdrop that, in an era of endlessly well crafted visual effects, feels unremarkable.”

Doctor Strange (Nov 2016)

“This world of mysticism, wizards and spiritualism throughout Doctor Strange’s career is one of the most original put on page, and much like Lord of the Rings and Watchmen before it, its contents should technically be unfilmable as far as Hollywood is concerned. In this third phase of the Marvel Universe we have dimensional schisms, time warping, paradigm shifting with celestial beings and, probably to be seen in the next Thor film, a council of Godheads. The ideas and effects throughout this film opens the minds of general moviegoers and eases the concept of the eventual battle with Thanos when the time comes for Avengers: Infinity War.”

Shin Godzilla (October 2016)

“[Director Hideaki Anno] has a distinctive way of building tension, atmosphere and an enjoyable sense of uneasiness in his directorial style, and as his first live action feature film, he masterfully recreates the notes he’s known for in a film within the franchise that inspired his career. Just as much as there is fan service here for Godzilla, there is also fan service for Evangelion within this film.”

Suicide Squad (August 2016)

“Did they want to focus on Joker and Harley Quinn, and simply couldn’t come up with any good ideas despite 75 years of the former, and 25 of the latter, in comics and animation history to build off of? Could they not sign Ben Affleck on for a whole movie’s worth of shooting, but were able to strong arm him into doing a week of shooting flashback sequences? Who’s bright idea was it to include Joker in this cinematic universe so early on, anyway? More importantly, how is it that the story of how Jared Leto prepared for playing The Joker in the news turned out more interesting than his portrayal of the character on screen? Was it in his contract to go method, despite how little the character mattered?”

Deadpool (Feb 2016)

“There’s something bizarre about Deadpool, who almost problematically resonates with a Millennial generation. I only say problematic because his fans, more than those any other comic character, are very expressive. So expressive that I saw a teenager in a full body Deadpool costume with his grandma sitting to his left at a 7 o’clock Thursday night showing. That kid is bold.”