PAX East 2017!

We went back to PAX this year, and I had an actual team with me and much superior audio recording equipment than an iPhone. It was a hell of a week editing all of these following pax after a normal job in between it all, but this is probably the most efficient turnaround time on video content I’ve produced  yet.

The link to the landing page with the write ups is linked here.

PAX East 2017 vol. 1: Friday The 13th, Conan Exiles, Ticket to Earth, Earthfall

PAX East 2017 Vol. 2: Transformers, Distance, Battlesloths 2025, Tumbleseed

PAX East 2017 Vol. 3: Hello Neighbor, EarthNight, Reservoir Dogs Bloody Days


PAX East 2017 Vol. 4: INDIE MINIBOOTH ft. Semispheres, Emily Is Away Too and Semblance

PAX East 2017 Vol. 5: Pit People, Nidhogg II, Sundered