Tribeca Film Festival 2017: Red Carpet Content!

We went back to Tribeca Film Festival this year and I had to get a bit more creative with the amount of content and scenarios we had. So far, as of this writing, our best performing video of the bunch is one with Eliza Taylor (most known for The 100 on CW) for the film she stars in, Thumper. All 4 of these were done in about one evening after I got home from the Festival.

Other interviews include Zoey Deutch, Max Winker (son of the Fonzie), and Juliet Rylance.

This trip was a bit of a roller coaster for me and my camera. In one instance that I was thrown into the photographer’s booth instead of the journalist’s side, I quickly noticed how I might have been the single person photographic without a full frame camera. That’s what I get for not working for a company that provides me with one, or buying used I suppose. For the purposes of B-Roll, however, I still think my t6i works well. A moment of greater confidence came with my first real attempt at night photography in New York City. I’ll post some of those results below the video clips.

Eliza Taylor, Grant Harvey, Daniel Webber – TYF @ #Tribeca17 Red Carpet ‘Thumper’

Zoey Deutch, Max Winker – TYF @ Tribeca17 Red Carpet ‘Flower’

TYF @ Tribeca17 Red Carpet: ‘Aardvark’ Director Brian Shoaf, actress Dale Soules

Juliet Rylance, Russel Harbaugh – TYF @ #Tribeca17 Red Carpet ‘Love After Love’

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